We offer solutions in Post harvest handling machinery

At Bayum, we offer a wide range of machinery: From Sprayers, to moisture meters, to cereal and forage choppers, to all coffee and grain machinery from our partners (Kepler Webber, Palinialves, Luma, Nogueira).Our machinery is tailored to meet your needs.

We give you Solutions From the Farm to Storage; to the cup

At Bayum, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art grain handling and agricultural machinery to farmers around the globe. Our focus lies in offering durable, efficient, and technologically advanced equipment, from post-harvest grain handling systems to precision farming tools. Partnering with renowned companies, we ensure that our machinery meets the highest standards of quality and innovation. Our mission is to empower the agricultural community with solutions that enhance productivity, ensure sustainability, and contribute to the success of every harvest.


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